Friday, 23 January 2009

I have officially made it summer

The runner beans and the radish are coming along nicely. As you can see I've done a bit of re-organising around here and got rid of winter.

I couldn't take it any more. Mud is everywhere. It's on our clothes, the floor, the animals, the buns, everywhere. I had enough, so I spoke with the organiser of weather and they said nothing they could do at present, therefore I've taken it into my own hands. So for today it is officially British Summertime in my burrow.

Mr Bun and Mr Blue are enjoying a lazy chat in the garden.

The little buns are eating icecreams in their jammies.

Hilda and Hennypenny are scratching in the lovely dry earth

And me - oh I'm swanning around in my bare feet. Might make a jug of Pimms up in a minute and join everyone outside.


  1. what a lovely little post, it made me smile, thanks x

  2. I like this idea! Thanks for your comment - I miss those days too!

  3. Where is it you live? I think I should move there straight away if it is Summertime in January..
    Beautiful garden... unlike mine that looks like a quagmire and jungle combined!
    Thank you for your lovely welcoming comment...
    Michele x


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