Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fog and Feminism

Started the day with this view over the fields from the bathroom window. We woke in the same foggy way at half past eight. It wasn't easy getting two sleepy children up and feeling excited about school today. Felt tempted to say let's not rush, just lay on the sofa all day, it looks cold out. Oh dear we're only three days in, not a good start.
When I got back I thought I had better start work, but got distracted looking at some of my birthday presents. I collect Kewpie dolls. This one has been called Mabel, my first one May was also a present from my lovely husband as I adore Mable Lucie Atwell's illustrations and these dolls just capture her round cheeked cuteness. The book is an ancient Penguin, the only hint of the original colour is on the spine, but I think the faded pattern adds to it. Cath Kidston threads to help with the sewing supplies and a lovely brooch from Noa Noa.

Finally got my act together and got quite a bit of boring paperwork sorted out before rushing to school. Later on I took the buns and their friend to Brownies, but these flat girls came back. I hope we find the real ones soon. Mind you these ones are a lot quieter.

They're definately here somewhere as who else could have hidden the peg dollies in the horrid Quality Street.

When they turned up we read my favourite childhood book for bedtime. My mum was a star and re-read the same chapter over and over to me night after night on demand. I think it was Binkle and Flip Try to be Good. Inside the cover is a poem entitled Two Bad Bunnies - it says they are a 'Bad, Bold Pair and the biggest rascals ever'. It must be why I liked them so much.

After we finished reading they told me they have been learning about inventors today. Thomas Crapper reared his head and was a favourite in the class. Eldest bun explained to me in a whisper why it was so funny and little bun thought everyone laughed because he invented the toilet. Suddenly they wondered why only two women were on the list. How do you explain to a six and eight year old at bedtime the potted version of feminism. So kept it to a long time ago men didn't think women were very clever and thought they were better than them. They decided that this wasn't very nice at all. So we covered a lot of ground.


  1. Thank you sooo much , i have just been and added them to my ever growing Amazon wish list !!

    Sara x

  2. I know exactly what you mean, we were tempted to stay at home by Thursday too. I am sure next week will be easier to get back into the groove. I got a bit of work done and launched my January sale but then by Friday was stricken with the flu again! I have had it on and off now for 6 weeks, it's such a bore!

    Loving the Enid Blyton books.


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