Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cats and Dogs and a parcel

We have just had the most perfect weekend. Before I tell you about that I just want to show you what the postman has brought me. I ordered some twine and toadstool pegs from the very talented Tracy . It was wrapped so beautifully I didn't really want to open the parcel. I love the feeling of anticipation, even when you know what is in there, and as it turned out I didn't. There were a couple of surprises in there too.

So kind of Tracy, she has sent me this beautiful heart ribbon and a packet of alpine strawberries as well. What a lovely start to my day.

On Saturday we had promised the buns we would see Disney's Beverley Hills Chihuahua before anything else. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, had a good laugh and I even got a bit emotional at the end I have to admit. Happy endings are killers for me. When I was six I remember watching Lassie with my dad. As soon as Lassie was reunited with his owner, I broke into such chest heaving sobs, that showed no sign of stopping, my dad didn't know how to stop me. I can clearly remember being taken to the village sweet shop, run by Mrs Leeder. It was dark, so it felt really late to me. I chose a bag of mixed coloured sherbet, a copy of Twinkle and a blue rubber ball. Dad's distraction worked, but I avoided Lassie from then on.

After lunch we went to an animal sanctuary to look at cats. Since losing Ruby we've been waiting for eldest bun to feel ready for another cat. Sara, who runs the sanctuary, chose Suzannah as the ideal cat for us. We wanted a cat who would pretty much fit in with Molly and Alfie and she seemed perfect. She is so pretty with a little grey heart print on her nose. We collected her on Sunday after we had been home checked.

She seems to be fitting in pretty well.

Even taking over Alfie's bed in front of the Rayburn.

The buns have renamed her Pip. At the moment Molly and Pip are sizing each other up, she has walloped Alfie so he keeps away. She is also refusing food. She's a pretty well padded cat so I hope she's just settling in, not being fussy. Signs are she has been looked after pretty well as she looks as if she has never even dirtied a paw.

We all had a great time at the sanctuary. Me chatting and searching through the boxes set aside for a bootsale. I'm going back to buy some bits in the week. Mr Bun and the buns played outside with the four dogs and fed the horses. I didn't think they would want to come home.

On the way back home we needed food so I quickly popped into the wool shop as I have had a huge urge to start crocheting squares for a blanket for eldest bun. I thought it was something I could quickly pick up around the rest of life. They didn't have all the colours I was after, but I've made a start.

I also spotted these chunky buttons. I have plans for these to be turned into brooches.

A perfect day ended for the buns with Dad's Army and tea in front of the fire.

On Sunday, after collecting Pip there were a million and one things to do as usual. I'd forgotten my parents Sapphire Anniversary on Friday so we invited them to lunch. It was a great afternoon. Any Sunday lunch that starts with bubbly shows signs of potential. Once we had eaten we had eldest buns games and crafts invite to attend. We played charades, cards and then painted the plaster fairies we had made in the week.

We voted that the best was painted by grandma.

Paint was now out so the buns got out their new brushes and palettes. Oh dear someone's shrunk Pip.


  1. what a lovely post, glad you had a nice weekend. x

  2. so pleased that you liked your parcel of goodies, and thank you so much for your order x
    hope that you are having a great week so far
    t x


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