Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bonkers Brownies

I need to get the photos off in the next week as I'm applying for a pitch at a good market in North Norfolk in the summer. All the work gets vetted in February and then they decide who gets selected. As it had finally stopped raining, and the sun was actually shining, I thought I'd better get on with taking the photos. Fingers crossed they like my work as it will be a good one to do.

I'm really pleased with this photo, in fact I think it's the best one I have ever taken so the heart has taken a backseat for me. I've never been particularly good with a camera. Even though one of the modules at art college was photography, I got confused by all the details and so prefered messing about with the negatives for effects rather than trying to take a good picture. I have a friend who is a professional photographer and he told me to forget all the technical stuff and just get on with it. I still think it's more luck than anything as I'm just as likely to take a blurred picture as a good one. Never mind - I like this picture and that's all that matters.
I thought I'd show you a couple of the other shots I'm sending off. Henry, Holly and Harriet Horse are pleased to meet you. The hand is my friend's who happened to pop round for coffee and ended up being a hobby-horse stand.
Some sweet sugary coloured mary-jane's.

Some more hearts all lined up ready for Valentine's. Here in Norfolk we have a lovely tradition called Jack Valentine. In our home he has been raised to the same mystical status as the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and the Fairies. On Valentine's Eve you hear a knock at the door and when you go to open it there is no one there, although Mr Bun has convinced the bun's he has seen a flash of red cape leaping over hedges as Jack races away. On the doorstep Jack Valentine leaves you a box full of goodies - usually sweets, pencils and jewels. He normally leaves me an odd shaped vegetable or two. Such is Mr Bun's romantic humour. Oh no, I've given the game away haven't I? I originally grew up here so this was part of my childhood, for Mr Bun, who comes from Brighton, it seems a lot more fun than buying a dozen red roses. For me both would be ok. So think of us in Norfolk on the 13th of February all sneaking about leaving parcels on loved ones doorsteps.

I also finished painting the kitchen cupboards today. After first painting them the wrong shade of blue, I'm now really happy with the colour I have chosen. I'm only showing you the cover over the Rayburn as the other side of the kitchen is a messy disaster and I only want pleasant pictures today. This is blog world after all where I can make it summer if I want and remove mess at will.

I can't control the freezer in the same way though. Tonight the bun's chose icecream and strawberries for pudding. Somehow the freezer had gone onto superfreeze and so the icecream was as hard as wood. They were disappointed for about a second and then eldest bun asked, "can we still have all the sprinkles and gloop?". So off they went to create E number merriment. The bowl at the back is little bun's and overflowing with Barbie's finest sprinkles. After tea I took them to Brownies to bounce it off there.


  1. all the bits are lovely. Great kids shoes! x

  2. Such lovely stuff, Bobo. Fingers crossed you get a place...

  3. hi
    I love the little mary jane shoes, they almost make me want a baby to fill them!(I am lying truely!). I love your little craft bits you make, you are very talented and creative.
    I love your kitchen colours it looks lovely. I do love pink. My daughter is at age now where she wants black not pink! . I have persuaded her to be girly too and not just an emo!
    hope you are all ok and not too frozen.


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