Wednesday, 21 January 2009

All Change

Spring must be on it's way because I have started painting walls and moving furniture about. Well to be truthful the furniture has been moved in my head at the moment. I know where I want it to go and how it's all going to look, just got to get it there. Most of it is really heavy. Last time I moved something heavy the legs fell off as I dragged it through to another room. Unfortunately it's my lovely elderly kitchen cabinet. Now I have decided it looks just as nice. Must mend it one day soon though.

Little Bun was off school for five days. She was shattered, with dark eyes and just wanted to be with me and cuddle her friends Willa, Charlie and Pom all day. I let Eldest Bun stay off school on Monday aswell. It was howling a gale, so it seemed mean to say off you go, we're staying here in the warm. So they both had a lovely day together in jammies, watching TV and eating biscuits.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit cooped up so we popped out for a while to get blue paint for the kitchen cupboards. It's one of those rooms that I would completely change, but funds aren't there so I've decided to change it the best way I can. I need colour in there. We already have our gorgeous pink fridge, so I've painted two walls pale pink to match and the one behind the fridge white. The fridge was a lot of occasions present from my parents to us. My Nanny had a lovely old 50's pink fridge, which was then passed on to auntie Betty. So here I am carrying on the tradition.

Wish we had spare funds to put in a ceramic sink and room for shelves too. I loved our old kitchen as we had room for the table in there. I really miss that, buns painting at the table while I cooked lunch and Mr Bun busy with the lego. After the paint shop we went to the wool shop as I wanted to get handles to finish my knitting bag. We chose these gorgeous Rowan ones.

I also had a quick look at the bargain basket and picked these three balls of wool. They were the grand price of 50p each in a wool and cotton mix so it's really soft. My favourite colours are blue and green. I'm starting a crocheted cushion cover with these and might put a flower on too.

Oh and of course I couldn't resist these cute buttons.

I adore toadstool imagery. It all started from Mabel Lucie Atwell annuals. I had one, which sadly I can't find anymore, which had that squashy yellowish type of paper. If I get a whiff of that paper now I'm back curled up in a corner somewhere head in another book. The fairies in her world used acorns as bowls, sat on shiny conkers and had toadstools for tables. I wished so hard to walk into that world and believed if I stood in the middle of a fairy ring I might find the way there. Now the buns are asking me the same sort of questions. What do wishes look like and why don't the fairies come to tea? They each have a fairy that they write to, Little Bun's is called Flora and Eldest Bun's is called Lily. Sometimes they write every night and the naughty fairies forget to reply!

It's quiet around here. Little Bun has gone back to school today. I know she should, but I like her being at home.


  1. Hi hope the buns are ok!. So many bugs this time of year.
    I am so in love with your pink fridge!, please can you pop it in my valentine swap parcel!!!. Its gorgeous!. I think I would worship it every morning!
    Love the toadstall buttons they are cute x

  2. well D that's all food for thought for your parcel isn't it? Buns are all fine now, in fact they're very noisy.

  3. ohhh - more toadstool goodies will be in the post to you in the morning x
    love Smeg and we almost had one in the new house, but i have heard such mixed reactions to them.... how do you find yours - is there enough room inside?
    anyhoo - so sweet that your babes have had such lovely days at home with you x
    speak soon and look out for your parcel :)
    t x

  4. Ohhhhh I adore your sugar pink fridge, it's delicious! A cosy day at home is just what little dark eyed bubbas need once in a while isn't it? I often wish I could just keep mine at home and then some days I am very glad I don't have to!

    Did you get my email about your password etc?

  5. Hi Tracy

    Smegs look really good, but I didn't show you the rubbish inside did I. The freezer door fell off, so now it's wedged on with melting ice holding it in place and the tiny bits that held on the bottle shelf on the door came off too. So we bought a cheap smaller fridge to keep drinks and puddings in. We just like it if it looks good here and we have a good supply of superglue.
    Lisa x

  6. Hi Donna

    Some days my heart sinks if they're ill, usually when I have a lovely outing planned and I sulk for the rest of the day because I have to cancel.

    I did get your email, sorry about the delay getting back, but I still couldn't get in. I'll email you again.
    Lisa x

  7. Hello, found you some how. Wow that wool was a bargain, lovely colour. I have a smeg fridge, it's been really good.... I've had it for years. Love your blog.. I'll be back if that's ok :)


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